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Beauty Training Bristol Bath and the South west

Grace  the  Nail Training School

Manicure Training Course

Bristol & Bath


The Manicure course course is an excellent starting point to becoming a good all round Nail Technician.

Entry requirements:  None

One Day - 10.00 am - 4.00 pm

The Course includes:

Fees include a Manicure Starter Kit

Nail Technician Training, Manicure Training , Pedicure Training,Acrylic Nail Training , Bristol ,Bath TEL:01761437973

 Manicure Training course ,Bristol Bath,Radstock,Midsomer Norton,

Manicure courses Manicure training courses


This is not a turn up for a day and pass course.This is an intensive training course where your Tutor will continually  be assessing student’s work to ensure it meets the required industry standards.. You will be working on a model taking the role of a real client. As an accredited certificate  provider it is our responsibility to maintain these standards and ensure that a student is sufficiently skilled to carry out the procedures on their customers. Please note Deposits are non refundable