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Beauty Training Bristol Bath and the South west

 Pedicure Training, Bristol, Bath,Radstock,Midsomer Norton

Entry requirement - open to all.

1 Day-10 AM -4PM:


Health , Safety and essential hygiene for technician and clients

Anatomy and physiology of the nail and surrounding skin

Treatable and untreatable nail conditions

Implements and Products

Consultations / Record Cards

Contra-indications / Contra Actions
Benefits of pedicure

Massage Movements

Filing, cuticle work,  application of polish etc.

Massage of the foot and lower leg

Aftercare advice

This is not a turn up for a day and pass course. Your Tutor will continually  be assessing student’s work to ensure it meets the required industry standards. You will be working on a model taking the role of a real client. As an accredited certificate  provider it is our responsibility to maintain these standards and ensure that a student is sufficiently skilled to carry out the procedures on their customers

You will receive:

Pedicure Starter Kit


Please note Deposits are non refundable

Grace  the  Nail Training School

Pedicure Training course

Bristol & Bath


Nail Technician Training, Manicure Training , Pedicure Training, Acrylic Nail Training Bristol ,Bath TEL:01761437973

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